What Do I Eat [Updated]

Back in July of 2017 I wrote a pretty lengthy description of what I eat each day (you can find it here). I was just starting to up my weekly mileage and prepare for a small slim-down ahead of the NYC marathon. Something that’s changed since that post is that my wife and I have made the change from being pescatarian (eat only sea-based meat) to vegetarian (no meat). I get a lot of questions about this so I’ll address a couple below, but it honestly wasn’t as hard as you’d think.

  1. Do you ever miss meat – Honestly, not terribly. I grew up a ‘burger and fries’ kinda guy. While I love a good burger, there are so many awesome veggie options, that I don’t miss meat.
  2. Is it hard to only eat rabbit food? – Haha, you’d be surprised how much people think vegetarianism is only about eating salads. While I do eat a salad everyday, it really is much more balanced than that.
  3. What’s the biggest challenge? – Eating at restaurants. It’s kind of surprising to me how hard it is to find just general entres or even starters without meat these days (even in LA). I have no problem being the person who asks a million questions when it comes to ordering though.

As far as my diet, here’s what I’ve come up with. Keep in mind, right now I’m not focused on a particular race or training regimen, this would be akin to an “off-season” meal plan:

5am – 2 blueberry muffins, coffee, water
8am – (post workout) protein shake
10am – carrots and peanut butter
12pm – lunch salad
2pm – greek yogurt and granola
4pm – apple + banana + yerba mate tea (or coffee depending on the day)
6pm – dinner

I try to not be very prescriptive about dinner because that’s the only meal I share with someone else (my wife). My salads for lunch are built around the idea that I have a job where I’m at a desk or in a conference room for 8-10 hours per day, so limiting carbs and sugars here help me from developing a calorie or sugar surplus. I’ve also learned that dairy and eggs don’t agree with me before working out, hence my homemade blueberry muffins.

If this diet seems crazy to you, THAT’S OK! Its taken me years to identify what works for me, what I like and most importantly, what I can eat everyday with little variation. I rarely snack, even more rarely do I sneak a piece of candy. All of that has to do with very very small changes over time that I’ve made to help train my body to less prone to cravings.

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