Voler Custom #CrushItZone Cycling Kit

custom voler cycling kit

I finally did it! I’ve been trying for awhile to find a way to make custom #CrushItZone gear and I’m really stoked with the way this kit from Voler came out.

Several weeks ago I got an email from a local tri club that I’m a member of mentioning custom jersey’s from Voler. Voler, hmmm, not too familiar with them, let me check it out.

When I landed on the website, I was instantly drawn to their “Custom” tab, where I started researching what is involved with ordering a custom kit. This is usually where I’m disappointed. Usually the minimums are too high, or the cost is insane, and if you get past those two, the tool used to “design” the kit renders something that is unrecognizable from what you intended.

Not so with Voler. I actually love that you can use their standard kit designs as a base (I chose the Rift Peleton DX) and then add your art on top. The customizer tool was really slick and actually lets you design on 8 different panels (for this kit) including the collar, arm bands and pockets, which is incredible to me! It was also awesome that the kit is based on quantity, not by number of panels printed on (which is more common in shirts), so design away! I went for back, chest and left sleeve.

Now, there are limitations to what you can order as a single unit. This is the only drawback I see, as I’d love to do a set of running jerseys as well, but that requires a 15 order minimum (full pricing guide, see here). Given how happy I am with this one though, I’ll probably try that next!

Voler Custom Kits
  • Customization Tool
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Turn Around Timing

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