Two Mile Swim Set!

Today was THE day everyone! I’ve been flirting with the two mile distance, I’ve been feeling like I could get it, but today I put my head down and fought off the foot cramps to make it happen!

After qualifying this past weekend, I knew I wanted to go the race distance in the lap pool to mentally check off my capability. Of course, races are different than practice, sure, but I needed to know!

Here’s a fun vlog of my day in the pool:

Some additional fun data to oogle, I was really happy with my pace. If you compare today to last week’s swims, I’m definitely making gains! Now, I’m not perfect. If you watch the video closely, you can see my right arm fan out a bit, I’ve got to reign that in. There are a dozen other nit picks I can make on my stroke, but slow tweaks will get me where I want to be! Smooth is FAST!

One thing I’m really proud of is that in the 132 lengths that made up the 2 miles, only 1 was over 27 seconds. Long swims are built on consistency, so it’s been a huge focus of mine to maintain a steady, smooth pace the entire length!

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