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Community Spotlight: Tri2Run2Eat

Every week there’s a spotlight on someone who is both inspiring and an absolute training BEAST. This week is no different, meet Rauchelle “Tri2Run2Eat” Richey, an AG dominator who’s gearing up for Ironman Florida 140.6 in November. What first struck me about her account is how open and honest she is about training; highs, lows, […]

Community Spotlight: ImInHereSomewhere

The longer I train, the more it becomes abundantly clear that this road is absolutely unique for everyone who travels it. However, we all draw inspiration from people who’s story sounds similar or struggles are relatable and for that reason, I’d like to introduce you all to another amazing athlete: Jon “@ImInHereSomewhere” Posen. I personally […]

Community Spotlight: @SacTriGuy

As this awesome community grows, I’d like to add spotlights on members so that everyone can get to know them better! This first one is perfectly timed because he’s competing in a FULL Ironman this weekend! Davin “SacTriGuy” has been fighting through some nagging injuries en route to this weekend’s race and there’s no doubt […]