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2020 Los Angeles Marathon | Data Review

LA Marathon finishline

Now, a couple weeks post-marathon I’m finally ready to dig into the data from the race. For those who are new to my journey, this is my second official marathon and my hometown race. The two previous years I’ve found myself cheering instead of running due to injury and this year narrowly avoided that fate […]

New Personal Record at the Pasadena Half Marathon!

crossing the finish line

I logged out of my phone Saturday evening having just exchanged messages with a buddy regarding finish times. “I’m expecting a 1:31 – 1:35” I told him. He was looking for a 1:30 so he responded saying, “Let’s run together, we’ll go sub 1:30.” Shit. Off to bed I guess. Race morning went smoothly, I […]

Los Angeles Marathon Prep

Track Day at Pepperdine

For the past two years, I’ve found myself on the sideline of my hometown race. While that has given me the opportunity to cheer on many friends and runners through their 26.2 day, its also left me hungry to finally get my chance to race the streets I grew up on. My Last Marathon Admittedly, […]