Strava Club!

Yesterday, out of curiosity, I created a club on Strava for the #CrushItZone. I was planning to play around with it a bit before saying anything, but to my surprise, this morning you guys had already started to join it! Holy sh!t you all are awesome!

For those who aren’t familiar, clubs are a cool way to aggregate activities from users. This way we can all see the training behind those awesome IG snaps! We can also create events, post updates and connect with each other to cheer on everyone’s training. If you’re into it, here’s a link to the club:

Also, worth noting, I set this club up as a “triathlon club” even though I know a lot of you only cycle or only run (I don’t think we have any only swimmers…). That’s ok! I figure triathlon will show all the activities best so you can see where people focus their training.


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