Sold Out: #CrushItZone Anniversary Hat

Well hot damn! I went to reach into the box where I keep all the shipping supplies for the hats this week and was surprised to see that the supply of hats was almost nonexistent. WOW! The original plan was to order and sell 35 hats, but I decided to order 50 just to be safe. When I looked in the box, there were only a few left, so I’m glad I did!

These hats have meant the world to me. It’s the first time I’ve seen you all rocking #CrushItZone out in the wild and I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for how incredible the response has been. You’ve taken them everywhere, from the toughest training sessions to happy hours with friends. I’ve heard multiple times from the community that somehow when the hat is on, it’s a reminder of how many people, most of whom we’ve never met, are out there cheering us on. I can say personally that this is 100% the case for me!

Below are just a handful of the incredible pics that have been posted!

Side note: white was probably not the best color to design with. Apologies for that. Mine is getting wrecked by dirt and sweat. I’m embracing it, as I dig the visual reminder of hard work. Next time, we’ll probably go with a non-white base color though!

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