Sifting Through Garmin Data

Upper Las Virgenes View

I know I’m getting slower. I can feel it. Maybe it’s age, maybe fatigue. Might be nagging injuries or changing nutrition needs. Or hey! Maybe it’s something altogether different. One of the many things that I enjoy about having 24/7 monitoring of bio data means that whenever I’m faced with a negative feeling, I can go in and look at what the numbers tell me.

The truth is: I am getting slower…on the road. Training for the NYC Marathon (which I finished in 3:19 and change) I was unseasoned but quick, easily clicking off low 7-min miles. On a casual run these days, I’m closer to the 7:40s so I know something changed.

Sam trail running

Here’s what’s crazy, while my road pace is slower, my trail pace is much faster. Additionally, my average elevation gained per trail run has almost doubled. Faster and more climbing, hell ya!

It should be no shock, I’ve been taking every opportunity to get out and explore local trails lately and it feels good knowing that those runs are paying off!

As for road runs, I guess I just need to be patient for now.

Dirt covered trail shoes

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