Sharing My New Race Suit! | Voler Tri Suit Review

Welcome to the world of triathlon, where for several hours you’ll be pushing your physical limits in nothing more than a thin layer of Nylon/Spandex! Hah! For some this might be a little uncomfortable at first, in fact, my wife still gives me a weird look each time I roll out of the house in my tri gear and often follows with, “please adjust yourself.” For me it’s the closest I’ll come to owning a real superhero outfit, so I’m all in!

Having been a couple years since my last proper triathlon, I looked through my drawers and found a couple old suits, still in good shape but honestly I wanted something a little different. After a bit of internet research, I came across this one, the Voler 2018 Summer Vibes Tri Suit. Badass.

Here are five things I like about the suit, having worn it on a few test sessions:

  1. Design – I knew this before wearing it but confirmed the second I looked in the mirror: this kit looks amazing! I was hoping for something that broke the standard block color look of most suits. I also wanted something that’ll be easy to see from a distance so that my family can spot me from the sidelines. NO chance they are missing me in this.
  2. Grippy Arm and Leg Openings – Both for aerodynamics and for comfort there are silicon end sections on the arm (1.5″) and leg (2.5″) openings. I’ve had suits without these and I’ve had some with very small strips of silicon, these are awesome, super flat and hold the suit right where I put it.
  3. Deep Front Zipper – The front zipper on this suit goes down just below the navel, which is really convenient for hot training days as well as just getting into the suit. I’m sure it also helps with bathroom stops, wherein if you’re a guy, you can probably make it work without disrobing the entire top half. Note: some races won’t allow you to unzip below the sternum (eg. Ironman), so check the rules before going “full vent.”
  4. Perfect Sized Rear Pockets – I plan to wear this suit underneath a wetsuit, so I won’t be testing how it performs in the water, but I am happy that the pockets (there are two) hold my water bottles for the run perfectly. This will save me from having to wear a belt!
  5. Pad – This is one of those, not too much to too little situations. The pad feels invisible on runs, perfect. I’d love if there was more of it for long rides, but that’s the balance you have to play and it’s pretty spot on with the right bike seat.

What do you think of this choice? Yeh or neh? Either way, if you’re in Palm Springs next weekend, it’s going to be hard to miss me out there!

Disclaimer: I’ve worn Voler gear for years and when I saw this kit I reached out to ask if they’d consider sending it to me for my race. Much to my delight, they did, but did not ask for this review, that’s all on me.

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