September Training Stats (Weeks 14 – 11 Out)

Phew!! Those weeks flew by quickly! I feel like I blinked and September passed by, and that tells me these next 10 weeks will likely be the same. The month started fairly slow, with a work trip to Berlin, Germany and a heavier focus on running. Knowing my bike is not where it needs to be, I started to log more and more time in the saddle as the month went on.

Here are my overall stats:

Swim Bike Run Strength Total Time
16,050 yards 227 miles 90.7 miles 165 minutes 32 hours 42 minutes

Week 14:

Week 13:

Week 12:

Week 11:

This week has been a ton of climbing on top of a massive month of climbing, 31,633 ft. to be exact. For comparison, Everest is 29,000 feet. It’s probably a little overkill for a race that has a total elevation gain of about 1,100 ft over 70.3 miles but between bike climbs and trail running climbs it’s just too much fun exploring the natural surroundings in SoCal!

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