Running in Palm Springs!

Fresh off my trip to China, my wife planned an awesome 4th of July staycation in Palm Springs. Being from Southern California, it’s actually surprising that I had only been to Palm Springs once before and my experience didn’t line up with everyones high praise of the desert oasis. But, like many things, giving it another try with my best friend and two pups totally changed my opinion of the SoCal playground!

Check out some of the highlight pictures below. By day two, temperatures didn’t drop below 85 degrees, so early morning runs were a must. I was blown away by how many trails are out here in the San Jacinto mountains. Palm Springs is also close to Joshua Tree National Park (had no clue), a well known hiker destination. As we’re packing up, I’m definitely thinking it’d be well worth coming back when the temps aren’t as off putting. As a proper desert, there is NO shade to be found and after 9am, the temps were triple digits.

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