Running in 2017 vs 2016

I came in off of a post-holiday-work-off-the-carbs run today and during my cool down I reflected on how far my running has come this year. It’s easy to miss the progress 365 days makes when it happens gradually but it’s one of my favorite parts of having a Garmin on all the time: so much data!

In 2017, I truly embraced running as a huge part of my life. I even had a surprise marathon added to my schedule, which was a huge driver for the change. Also in 2017, I finished a dietary transition my wife and I started two years ago, going from carnivore to pescatarian and now finally to full vegetarian. This may seem odd to bring up in a post about running, but for a long time I thought my performance would suffer if I didn’t have meat to fall back on.

Below are some stats from two runs: today’s (12/26/17) and one taken on 12/24/16.


2016 2017
Distance 4.4 miles 5.16 miles
Pace 8:32/mile 6:53/mile
Speed 7.0 mph 8.7 mph
Cadence 167 spm 173 spm

Here are the actual run tables with the cadence and miles broken out so you can see that speed and technique have both improved. Going from an 8:32/mi pace to sub-7 has been a huge surprise to me. Every time I see a mile tick off with a 6 in front of it, I’m blown away. Today was really supposed to be a cruiser run, but somehow turned into a pretty quick lap around the city!

Another small thing is the change in overall cadence. Garmin reports below cadence as good (green), blue (better), and purple (best). For someone who stands at six feet tall, going from mostly good to good/better, that’s a big deal! Getting that fast turn over of my feet seems to keep the pounding down and the pace sharp!



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