Rudy Project Trucker Hat [Review]

If you look close enough on Instagram, you’ll notice that every picture (other than swimming), I have a hat on. Growing up in SoCal, I learned early on to have an appreciation for the power of the sun. As I spend more and more time in the sun training, doing what I can to diminish the long term impact it has is almost as vital, to me, as hydration strategy.

Part of the kit Rudy Project sent me several weeks back, was this awesome trucker hat! I’ve been putting it through it’s paces the past couple weeks, trail runs, beach runs, and even grocery runs :). I’ve been digging two things in particular: the breathable mesh material and the sweatband liner.

It’s summertime which means every time I go out for a run, my hat is going to come back drenched in sweat. The nice thing about the mesh is that, unlike a fabric-based hat, the wetness of the sweat doesn’t stick with me. Air flows through it nicely to cool my head.

Additionally, no one likes that “sweat hits sunscreen and runs into your eyes” feeling. I’ve noticed the headband catching most of my sweat, so I’m not stopping to wipe my brow. Huge plus!

Overall the sun protection is great with a nice wide brim. It also feels like the kind of hat that could be great out on the lake, rafting down a river or simply taking the pups on a walk.

My first instinct was to run this hat a little tight, but it doesn’t loosen up much, so I actually let out the snapback one notch to fit a little easier.

Right now you can actually get this hat for free if you spend $75 or more on (remember to use code: CrushItZone to get 30% off anything). Otherwise it’s just $17.49 by itself, not too bad!

Have you tried this hat? What do you think? If not, what’s your favorite hat?

  • Price
  • Comfort
  • Sweat Protection
  • Ventilation
  • Style

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