#CrushItZone Challenge Wristbands (2pk)


This past fall, I led a series of runs with Lululemon and one evening had the idea to bring glow necklaces for runners to wear. It was a HUGE hit and after noticing many runners wrapping their wrists with the glowing tubes, it occurred to me that a simple wristband could be an awesome #CrushItZone item! Bonus if it could glow in the dark.

About the same time, Audrey asked if I had considered a challenge to start off 2019. Immediately I started thinking of something super complex where points were scored for doing certain activities, but scaled it back to: set a goal for yourself and know that there’s a community cheering you on!

This is how these wristbands came to be. Simple and pairs really well with any smart watch for daily use. It serves as a reminder that we can have big goals and achieve them by showing up and putting in our best!