October Training Stats (Weeks 10 – 7 Out)

Where did the time go!?! Just yesterday I felt like I had plenty of time left before the race and now I’m starting to think about tapering and final race prep!

October’s focus switched from base-building to more concerted efforts around cycling and brick work (bike into runs). By the final week I finally brought myself to install the aero bars and start to put my head down on dedicated trainer time in TT position.

Here’s how it looked by the numbers:

Swim Bike Run Strength Total Time
18,100 yards (+2,050 yards MoM) 225.4 miles (+18.4 miles MoM) 82 miles (-8.7 miles MoM)( 140 minutes (-25 minutes MoM) 31 hours 48 minutes (-1 hour MoM)

Week 10:

Week 9:

Week 8:

Week 7:


As I head into this final stretch of training, I’m trying to fine-tune the small stuff:

  • Nutrition (see current plan)
  • Transition (Practicing mount and dismount this weekend!)
  • Wetsuit (I’m sad to admit, I’ve actually not worn it yet, so there’s a bit to be done here)
  • Course familiarization

Anything else I should be thinking about?

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