NYC Marathon Vlog

New York City has always been a special place for me. There’s a gravity that attracts me to it. That might seem odd, coming from someone who grew up in Los Angeles, but it’s true. My connection to the city has never been stronger than the past year. In 2016, I worked for a company based in NYC and visited my team there often. Audrey would join me on the trips and we’d have a mini-NYC romantic getaway. This year, adding my first marathon to that list of memories is truly amazing.

That said, I’m so so happy with the result of this race! I didn’t start the year thinking about marathons. In fact, up until September, I’d only crossed the 13 mile distance three times. You all joined me on the training journey and as tears flowed down my face the hour following the race, I just couldn’t stop thinking about how far we’ve all come. Truth be told, I wasn’t totally confident going into the race. I knew there were holes in my training, I’d bonked my longest run (HARD), and I still was making up my mind about whether or not to wear socks. Even before the race started, though, messages started pouring in. Texts from old friends, DMs and tweets from this groups, comments on recent posts. All the way through the race I kept seeing your names pop up on my watch and in the weirdest (read: most awesome) way, I felt so connected to you all. So thank you. This and seeing my wife at mile 23 made such a huge difference on my finishing this goal strong!

Speaking of, my wife is the true rockstar from the NYC marathon! She chased me down to Brooklyn, back over and up to the Upper East Side, then finally at the finish line. She’s the backbone of what I do and it always amazes me to see her pop up all over the place when I race. She actually deserves all the credit for this edit, but I want to share it with you all so you can see more of our trip:

This was also the first time that I was able to meet a “Crush it Zoner” at a race! Estefania, you crushed it! I’m so stoked we were able to meet up before the race started, you’re so awesome!

One final note: I had this opportunity only because Michelob Ultra decided to put together a team to race it. I am incredibly grateful and proud to have taken part in it, it was absolutely magical. From what I understand, they are considering doing it again, so be on the lookout mid-summer 2018 for applications!

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