NYC Marathon Training: Week 5

Here we go!! Back to the full week of #CrushItZone mode. I love getting away and exploring but there’s also something great about being on home turf cranking through workouts. It’s also a lot easier to see progress (or issues) because your comparison set is equal. This week I’ve got some easy run days that lead up to a long run with an additional mile tacked on. Monday is a day off, which I’ll use to do some much needed weight lifting, and my Thursday/Flex Day will find myself in the pool (surprised?)!

Looking back at this week, it looks pretty sparse. We drove home from Lake Tahoe (9 hours), which took out my flex day. And today, I was out surfing/paddleboarding for about four hours (sunburn to prove it), so it wasn’t as easy as it looks on paper.

I’d say the biggest improvements are really my mile times! If you look at the splits, holding down a 7:42 for 15 miles is really epic to me. I took 7:20 off of my PR half marathon distance, which is HUGE considering that was just last week! I certainly don’t expect that trend to continue. If I’m being honest, my left knee feels pretty tweaked today (yay ice!). We’ll get back in gear this week and continue to build!

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