NYC Marathon Training: week 4

Here we go! Week 3 is in the books and now we’re one step closer to November (62 days, to be exact). It feels awesome to get some mountain miles in while on vacation, but I’m also looking forward to getting back on familiar turf later this week!

One change from the prescribed plan above, I’ll switch Wed/Thurs, since we’ll be driving home and relative to other weeks, I won’t use flex days for swim cross training. I may do some light jogging on Sunday, depending on how I feel post run.

After all of the inputs from the first three weeks, the trainer has me at a 3:30 marathon pace. I feel good about that, but still nervous it’s overestimating my ability (my mental goal was sub 4 hour). If nothing else it’s good incentive to stick to my program and bring this one home!

Week 3 workout details:

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