November Training | Ironman 70.3 (6-2 weeks out)

Here we go! November is when I found my groove. Starting to put together the pieces that I feel like are important for race day which meant more “race focused” training. Fortunately, as I did that, everything started to click. I’m starting my taper this week and though it will probably drive me crazy, I need to remember how strong I felt going in.

Here’s how it looked by the numbers:

Swim Bike Run Total Time
15,369 yards (-2,731 yards MoM) 349.7 miles (+124.3 miles MoM) 58.7 miles (-23.3 miles MoM)( 31 hours 9 minutes (-39 min MoM)

Week 6:

Week 5:

Week 4:

Week 3:

This is it! Here are some things I learned over the past four weeks, which I’ve now adjusted for:

  • No Z Bars on the ride. I tried, but when I tested them on the road, I couldn’t open the packaging, so I guess it’s back to gels. (see nutrition plan)
  • New ISM seat made a huge difference in comfort and position. I held out for way too long installing this.
  • I feel great in the water and in the wetsuit. Hopefully I can get it off quickly in T1, that’ll be the key!
  • Thermal cap. I’ve heard from multiple people that the water will likely be in the low 50s, so I ordered a thermal cap to keep my head warm.

Anything else I should be thinking about? Taper tips?

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