My First Time Streaming Zwift on

Today I woke up with a crazy idea, which happens more often than you might think…

I’ve been playing around with Zwift this week, logging miles in the virtual cycling (and now running) videogame against thousands of others also putting in work! If I’m not training, the other platform I spend most of my week is on, a livestreaming primarily videogame service. Recently there’s been a pretty big surge in the “IRL” channel (In Real Life), people streaming all kinds of crazy things, so I decided this made sense! I put together a couple things from my electronics suitcase (a webcam, stand, etc) and off I went!

I tested Zwift earlier this week, no issues there. It pairs really well with my Kinetic trainer and other than a few times where my sensor bugs out and my virtual character stops riding, it’s awesome!

For streaming, I list the set-up below. More importantly, here are some things I learned:

  1. I probably need to be closer to my router. This sounds obvious, but streaming Zwift was fine, music was fine, and pretty much every other crazy thing I’ve tried lately has been fine. But add in livestreaming and it was a little much for the bandwidth.
  2. Macbook Pro’s are great, but mine is a few years old and really struggled with the load of switching between “scenes” (the preset placements of the camera and the game).
  3. Audio was good, it came from my webcam, BUT I forgot to add game sound. This probably would’ve been more engaging.
  4. I was monitoring chat via a separate phone with the chat pulled up. This had me looking at two sometimes three different screens which could’ve been easier if chat had just been displayed in front of me.
  5. I bonked on the Instagram story inviting people to the stream. I thought for sure I posted, but I didn’t, so that goes in the learnings bucket!

Logitech Webcam (720p)
Small tripod with extension
“Chat” iPhone
Bluetooth headset
Kinetic Fluid Trainer with inRide sensor
Zwift App
OBS (streaming software)

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