Ironman 70.3 Gear List | Prepping for Cold Weather

As I head into my first half Ironman race weekend, I’m looking at my gear laid out on our guest bed and it occurs to me: this is a ton of stuff! In fact, a couple people messaged me and said that they had no idea how much gear is used in a triathlon, so I figured I’d outline what I’m taking with me to the event in Palm Springs this weekend.

Every race will vary slightly, with a major consideration being the weather. Right now the weather conditions are a bit chilly (there are talks of shortening the swim, fingers crossed this doesn’t happen) early, which is a major consideration for the swim and bike segments. For the run, I’m not really concerned because it’ll be in the mid-60s and that’s incredible running weather.



Age group rolling start for the swim is planned for 7:10am on race day and will be held in a reservoir (open water, but flat, calm conditions and no current). The water temperatures this time of year vary between 50 – 62 degrees Fahrenheit, which is cold by most people’s standards. The air temperature will likely be in the high 40s, so I’m planning on a chilly start to the day.


Everyone has different setups for their bikes, I’m not really going to cover that here. I’ll be riding my Specialized Allez road bike that I’ve modified for triathlon and I covered that conversion in a separate post, which can be found here. Here is the gear I’ll be putting on in transition to prep for the bike.


Here we go, I’ve made it to the run, I should be dry and feeling good at this point! Hopefully I haven’t overcooked the bike and have spring left in my legs to carry me through the 13.1 miles with the tenacity that I bring to my training sessions!

*these items were gifted to me by the respective companies. I reached out to them inquiring about them, so I would’ve chosen the products anyways.


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