#CrushItZone Anniversary Hat Ordering Details

First off, I can’t begin to describe how humbled I am that you are reading this or how incredible this community has been over the past year. There were many times I considered not posting a picture or giving up on social media but finding all of you makes it hard for me to imagine a day without getting a snapshot of each of your lives. So thank you for sharing your journeys: successes and heartbreaks, good days and tough sessions, hopes and dreams. You all motivate me more than you will ever know and so I hope you are as proud of this hat as I am!

Below you’ll find the on-sale date, time and pertinent details for obtaining one of these limited edition hats.

QUANTITY: There are only 35 being sold. I’ve never sold anything on the internet and so it’s kind of hard to gauge how many of these people will want. They have already been ordered and take 30-40 days to produce, so we are on our way!

COST: The hats will be priced at $20 USD. I’m trying to keep the cost down because I want everyone to have access to these hats. That price does not include any taxes or shipping, however, all of these hats will be hand packed by Audrey and me, and we have some surprises for each.

AVAILABLE ONLINE: The hats will go on sale May 1st at 8a.m. PST (convert to local time). This will allow us to start preparing all of the shipping boxes and labels for the hats.

SHIPPING INFO: The hats will be available worldwide! I have a newfound respect for how expensive international shipping is and have done my best to provide up front options so that you can decide what option is best for you.

May 1st – Available for purchase
May 17th – Hats arrive in Los Angeles
May 21st – Hats will be delivered to the appropriate shipping companies
I’m as anxious as you all are to see these in person and post pictures rocking them on Instagram!

Thank you all again, I can’t say it enough. You are all what make this community so amazing and I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish in our next 365 days!

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