How to Adjust When Training Doesn’t Go To Plan


Some weeks just don’t go the way we plan. For me, this week was one of them. Nothing particularly bad happened, but after weeks upon weeks of nailing perfect execution, any slight variance can really feel uncomfortable.

Some things that threw me this week include: an early morning work emergency (cutting my swim short), a quarter-sized blister on my heel, another early morning work meeting, longer-than-normal commute (3.5 hours), and a vet visit for one of our pups (he’s doing fine though).

training on peloton

In the moment, any one can feel frustrating or discouraging. Both feelings threatened to suck me in this week. That’s when I pivoted and started to think about what I could do to adjust, turn this week around. Here’s what I came up with:

  1. Remind myself that there’s no such thing as “perfect conditions” in racing, challenges always come up.
  2. Be willing to adjust the plan and make the most of the time I DO have.
  3. Concede the day and rest (maintenance and recovery are a huge part of performance)
  4. Come back with a longer than normal session when there is unrestricted time (for me: weekends)
  5. Reiterate gratitude for all the weeks that did go-to-plan. Nothing like a wonky week to remember that it’s the exception, not the rule.

According to Garmin, my average sleep is off by about a half hour per night this week (6h9m). It doesn’t take much to imagine that that alone could throw other factors off as well (stress, mood, performance, etc). And so, frustration over a week not gone to plan quickly melts into another lesson in remaining adaptable to whatever life throws at me!


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