How did this happen? PR Half Effort

Every week I’ve been seeing the results that I’ve also been feeling. Eating right, training hard, being consistent and motivated by all of you has put me in a very interesting spot. So I decided to dig a little deeper into the data.

Part of my marathon training has included long runs every Saturday morning. This kicked off a couple weeks ago with a run in Lake Tahoe. The past couple have been run on home turf back in SoCal. This morning I dropped a seriously quick time (for me) relative to previous half marathons and there’s a reason it was pretty shocking.

These are all the runs I’ve done in the past year that have been over 13 miles. Since the distances vary, the most insightful column has been highlighted, Avg Pace. A high of 8:50min/mi and a low of 7:27min/mi represents a 1:23min/mi improvement in the past nine months. Of course you could also look at elevation gain to see that the improvement is actually probably a little higher.

This really isn’t a fluke, though. The amount of running I did back in January is completely different than the past months. It’s cool to look at this and realize that the path I’m on is really starting to show what I’m capable of and what I thought was possible in January is MUCH different than what I think now!

Never doubt yourself. Hard work, dedication and a little luck will take you far! Feeling very blessed right now to be able to look at these numbers and hope that another couple months of training will continue to see improvements.

Let’s go!

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