Focusing on Swim (2018 so far)

Following my stress fracture diagnosis, I quickly asked (read: begged) the doctor to let me swim out the six remaining weeks of healing. He agreed, knowing that I wasn’t in any pain and that swim is generally pretty easy on the body. Since then I’ve been committed to three swim sets a week, up from my usual two. Originally I thought: drills/distance/sprints however, I’ve reconsidered since my wife pointed out that sprints would probably stress my knee more than I should be, fair point.

Here’s a week by week breakdown:

Right now I’m on track to have my biggest swim month ever in March and it’s showing in the numbers: I’ve set every single personal record this year and most within this past month. Swim is an area that’s extremely tough to make up time, so I’m pumped to see this happening for me. It’s a huge positive coming off of a disappointing start to my run-year.

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