Designing and Picking the First #CrushItZone Hat!

AHHH what a day! I received an email back from BocoGear with designs of our first anniversary hat and am totally blown away. Here’s a little background on the process:

After connecting with their custom sales team and learning about minimums and the design process, I provided four logos, a positive and negative of each the long and the stacked versions. Within a week their designers presented the designs below.

Tough call right? At the suggestion of my wife, I put these up on Instagram with a poll, “what do you all like the best?” Here are the results (I’m blown away btw):

I mean, that’s a close race. Even more than that, I was blown away by all the responses, DMs and texts I got from people excited about the hat. It’s just a really cool feeling to see your brand on a product and get so much support (THANK YOU!)!

From here there are two more design rounds to narrow down to exactly which hat we put into production. Decisions, decisions!

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