#CrushItZone Challenge

This has been a long time in the making. I’ve thought and re-thought this 100x over and I’m excited to share the second annual #CrushItZone Challenge to kick off 2020!

Mid-way through 2017, I started using “crush it zone” as a phrase on Instagram and that quickly turned into #crushitzone. As we enter a new year we’re almost to 15,000 uses of the hashtag with hundreds of people around the world sharing their fitness journey and supporting others on their journeys.

The Challenge:

In January, declare on Instagram a mileage goal (can be swimming, running, biking, hiking, or walking). Use #crushitzone, tag me in it (@slkeene) and you’re set! Throughout the month I’ll be cheering you on towards your goal and on 2/1 we’ll see how everyone did!

Please keep in mind, your goal is your goal. It doesn’t have to be huge, it doesn’t have to be a record, just something that reflects the way you’d like to start the new year. And if you’re just starting out, THAT’s AWESOME! January is a time that many people use as a starting point for their fitness journey. My recommendation: focus on number of fitness activities per week and then multiply by four. Developing consistency and forming healthy habits are much more important than doing your first 5-mile run and then sitting on the couch the rest of the week.

The Prize:

Prize? Of course there’s a prize! For everyone who completes their challenge distance, I’ll send a coupon code for a free #CrushItZone wristband! You will still have to pay the shipping, which should be less than $3 (in the US), but for the rest of the year you’ll have a reminder of the goal you set, and CRUSHED, back in January!

For everyone interested in these wristbands, they arrive on January 15th, I’ll post an unboxing and update once I have them!


There are a few additional pieces of this challenge that would just be incredible bonuses:

  1. Invite others to join in! There is no cap to how many people could get involved in this. We all know a ton of people who are either veterans of their fitness journey or just looking to start. I believe this community is built for both and we’d love to have them with us!
  2. Log your workouts in our Strava Club! There are a lot of tracking devices out there and tons of platforms, but one of the easiest ways I’ve found to keep tabs on everyone’s progress is via Strava (which should sync with almost any tracker out there). We have a club on the platform that shows everyone’s workouts as well as an overall weekly tally of mileage.

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