Cross-Training with Swim

I was asked the other day about how I felt cross-training with swim impacted my running. Honestly, I can’t imagine not doing it, since I’m a much better swimmer than I am a runner. For me, running is really jarring and 2-3 days straight will definitely start to show in the form of ice packs all over my body.

Swimming is functionally the opposite; if I run, then swim the next day, it helps keep me progressing on my overall endurance without straining key running muscles. Speaking of muscles, I like to think that swimming also helps me keep my body pretty well balanced. Running and cycling really build up a strong core and lower body, but swimming adds broad shoulders and chiseled arms.
Here’s what today looked like, in a more mellow swim for me:
200 yard warm up ~ 1:29/100yd pace
1650 yard main set ~ 1:36/100yd pace
200 yard cool down ~ 1:39/100yd pace

This was a very focused swim since I have an open water session this weekend. I managed to shave a little bit of time off my 1-mile swim time, which was an added bonus!

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