Comparing My 2017 and 2018 Swim Programs

If there’s anything that is clear to me about 2018 it’s that there are often huge opportunities that result from setbacks.

When this year started, I knew something was wrong. Doctor after doctor told me to shake it off or assigned physical therapy (which I’m a huge believer in), but I knew that there was something bigger happening. In March it was finally identified that I had a stress fracture in my right knee that had been trying to heal since November. Eight weeks of no running felt like a huge blow to the year I had planned, until I realized it was also the perfect opportunity to put a huge focus on swimming!

Average Swim Speed by Month

2018 Swim Stats

Total Distance270,318.4 yds
Average Distance1.69 mi
Total Activity Time63:44:40 h:m:s
Avg Time42:02 h:m:s
Total Elev Gain3 ft
Average Speed2.4 mph
Average Pace25:18 min/mi

2017 Swim Stats

Total Distance72,667.2 yds
Average Distance1.45 mi
Total Activity Time19:44:19 h:m:s
Avg Time42:18 h:m:s
Total Elev Gain
Average Speed2.1 mph
Average Pace28:39 min/mi

There is no doubt that going from 28 swims to 91 swims will improve overall swim ability but a raw focus on drilling and structure were huge pieces of what made such a drastic improvement in my water speed. My form is not perfect but small improvements were continued focus for me and they paid off! I’m quite nearly at what I consider a maximum speed for my swim and in 2019 I hope to improve my efficiency, endurance and race sighting.

Here are some of my favorite moments from 2018 swims:

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