Community Spotlight: Tri2Run2Eat

Every week there’s a spotlight on someone who is both inspiring and an absolute training BEAST. This week is no different, meet Rauchelle “Tri2Run2Eat” Richey, an AG dominator who’s gearing up for Ironman Florida 140.6 in November. What first struck me about her account is how open and honest she is about training; highs, lows, PR days, and paincave-rock-out-sessions are all reasons it’s easy to cheer her on in her journey to becoming an Ironman!

How’d you get your start? You have some big goals, what gave you the tri-bug? 
So here is what happened- When I was pregnant with my first son Harvey I had a lot of complications initially, which caused me to be terrified of exercising at all during my pregnancy– minus walking (very little walking). So here you had a super active person now terrified to workout so at the end I was going absolutely crazy. I got this book (I told Troy to get it for me for Christmas) Triathlon for Dummies, and had lunch with this woman who does triathlons, and who I looked up to– essentially to get the low down on what was involved in a triathlon. I wanted to do a race but was so scared and then I realized that there was NO WAY I could get my son to try things he was afraid to do unless I showed him how. I did my 1st triathlon 9 months after having him and I had so much fun there was no way I could stop. And thus was born Rauchelle the triathlete. 🙂

What has been the hardest thing for you to overcome in training? 
Self- Doubt, but I don’t think I’ve overcome it yet. haha! I struggle with the idea that I can’t be good enough- which is not uncommon. But in IM training or even triathlon training you can’t doubt. The races are pretty involved and the first sliver of self-doubt can send you spiraling. You have so much time to yourself and no music to drown out the negative that it can destroy your race. For me having mantras I can repeat or even knowing the mileage I put in before, or terrain helps me. I can say I’ve done this before I have got this. Two of my favorite things that pull me out almost every time are: “Run Fast Run Hard” (my mom says that to me before every race I’ve ever done all the way back to middle school) AND “Don’t give up, Don’t give in”.

How do you balance life? It seems like many days, you’re pulling doubles, don’t you ever get tired???
I pull doubles everyday and it can be exhausting. I think lucky for me my kids are still small so that means nap time is literally a time of day in our house still. I take naps when they nap occasionally or get a workout in while they sleep. I get up early to get long workouts done so I can have time with them too. Honestly sometimes it’s all overwhelming and it feels like too much BUT teaching my boys by example to work hard and go after what they want is worth it. I don’t feel like I balance life very well sometimes it’s a juggling act but somehow it all eventually gets done. Except for my house cleaning… there is no end in sight for the hotmess that is my home- but unfortunately I can’t blame IM training– I’m a terrible homemaker 🙂

You’re training for Ironman Florida 140.6, how’s that going? Are you doing anything special between now and then to get ready (local race, local club ride, quick vacation to the bahamas)? 
My training is going really well the last 2 weeks– haha! I was in a bad string of workouts for awhile but it’s looking up! I’m feeling stronger and can see the improvement in my endurance as well as my times. I have a couple Olympic races before– nothing crazy just trying to get my head right to race strong and hard!

Any bucket list races? 
Israman, Escape from Alcatraz, NYC Marathon, Any Ultraman race, R2R2R (Grand Canyon), Zion Traverse, Boston, St. George Marathon, St. George 70. (Is there a list limit 😉 ) I feel like everyday I add a new bucket list race haha! [Don’t worry, we’re in the same boat…]

What’s your biggest source of motivation? 
That’s tough– I’d say internal motivation is HUGE- proving to myself that I can be better, faster and stronger is a driving force for me. BUT externally performing my best for my kids and husband. They make sacrifices just like I do to be there at the race- days without mom, early mornings, trips to the gym, messy house ;). I want to show them how good I can be, and do well so we ALL know it was worth it.

As you’ve gone through this journey, what’s the best piece of advice you’ve received? 
The elephant analogy, which I can’t remember now, but essentially just small pieces. You have to focus on the mile you are in or the stage you are in. Don’t worry about the bike on the swim and don’t fret the run on the bike. Focus on that discipline, tear it up and move on. Also don’t take chapstick from anyone while on the course 🙂 [uhh…gross/good call!]

If someone was going to make you a personal cheering sign, what would it say? 
“Race Fast, Race Hard.”  OR “I’ll buy you a pizza when you finish”

Lighter question: favorite movie? 
Remember the Titans or Chariots of Fire

You seem to have an amazing support system around you, any personal shoutouts? 
I couldn’t do what I do without my husband Troy. He is my best friend, biggest supporter/ sherpa, biggest motivator. He believes in me more than anyone ever has and more than I do in myself sometimes. He takes the boys so I can train hard and NEVER complains about it. He wants me to do well. Our big goal for this race is to try to qualify for Kona and he constantly reminds me that I can get there. He is a rockstar of a husband and father and I couldn’t do any of this without him!

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