Community Spotlight: @SacTriGuy

As this awesome community grows, I’d like to add spotlights on members so that everyone can get to know them better! This first one is perfectly timed because he’s competing in a FULL Ironman this weekend! Davin “SacTriGuy” has been fighting through some nagging injuries en route to this weekend’s race and there’s no doubt that this athlete has the talent + the determination to go the distance this weekend!

When he’s not putting in long hours training, Davin is a school teacher, most recently teaching 6th grade!

How’d you get your start? What would you say you focus is on?
I was at the gym and thought to myself, this is boring, I need something more, I think I will try triathlons. I was lifting weights 5-6 days a week and doing some cardio, but after 21 years was just going through the motions. I looked up local triathlons and put out a Facebook challenge to my friends and only received person who would join me. Right now my focus is on just improving myself from training session to training session.

What has been the hardest thing for you to overcome in training?
The hardest part for me is overcoming injuries. I have had a neuroma in the right foot, torn meniscus and damaged cartilage in the right knee (surgery was this past February) and now I have a strained muscle in my right ribs. [I told you this guy is tough!]

What are you training for now, what’s next for you?
On July 29th I am participating in IRONMAN Santa Rosa.

What kind of personal goals have you set for yourself?
My goal is to always have fun and stay positive. The injuries have sucked but I have always stayed positive and make adjustments to my training.

What’s your biggest source of motivation?
My biggest source of motivation is internal, I want to do the best I possibly can for myself. This is my dream and although I have an amazing support system with my family and friends, I need to get this done for me and no one else.

As you’ve gone through this journey, what’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?
Best piece of advice is simple, do you best, finish strong, and smile.

If someone was going to make you a personal cheering sign, what would it say?
Your Daddy may be Superman, but my daddy is IRONMAN

Any personal shoutouts?
My wife Courtney, my daughter Ryann, and my amazing friends who encourage me to do my best and stay focused. To Jim Brown, the one and only person to accept my triathlon challenge 3 years ago, to Kevin at Results Physical Therapy in Sacramento.

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Good luck this weekend Davin, we’re rooting for you!

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