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Sifting Through Garmin Data

Upper Las Virgenes View

I know I’m getting slower. I can feel it. Maybe it’s age, maybe fatigue. Might be nagging injuries or changing nutrition needs. Or hey! Maybe it’s something altogether different. One of the many things that I enjoy about having 24/7 monitoring of bio data means that whenever I’m faced with a negative feeling, I can […]

Trail Run After Fire | Video

In November, our hometown suffered from a massive fire burning through almost 100,000 acres in just a few days. Though our home was not directly impacted, my office building was surrounded by the blaze and several friends found themselves evacuated for an extended duration of time. Much of the area that burned included trails that […]

Post Fire Trail Run in Calabasas

It took me awhile to come back to this place. Partially this was due to training but also because I knew it’d be a tough sight to see after the kind of devastation wreaked by the recent Wolsey Fire in Calabasas, CA. Working across the street from these trails, I at least had a sense […]

Las Virgenes Wipe Out

wipe out

Today started off like any other trail run and was going really well, until it wasn’t…a momentary lapse in concentration left me sprawling down a hill, phones and water flying through the air! A couple bumps and bruises but overall it could’ve been worse! You can actually see the drop in my pace before I […]