Brick Before Work!

Thursday was a rare day. Bike ride + jog in all before heading into the office at 9am. Not terribly crazy but also consider that I live in L.A., so there’s an hour commute added in!

Now, my stats won’t set the world on fire, but they were really cool to see considering I haven’t done a brick in at least eight months. Eight months! Ya.

Bike: 12 miles, average 17.2mph, 228 w, 41:16 minutes
Run: 2.1 miles, 10:42/mile, 22:42 total moving time

Now, my run pace wasn’t exactly race speed, but I was doing some speed drills with my coach, who’s a Jack Russell, so they know a thing or two about SPEED! Jokes aside, it was amazing to get to run with our dog Sookie. She’s always watching when I lace up, and today she was a champ on the Brentwood CC loop!

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