Back to Back Cycling Sessions

This past holiday weekend I wanted to spend more time at home and to make that possible, I went back-to-back days on the cycle trainer (which I reviewed here). I did two completely different workouts but really want to compare them to each other. To be honest, cycling is one area I’ve been struggling to find motivation in lately. MAYBE it’s being on a trainer as opposed to the adventure of the open roads, but maybe it’s just me.

Either way, it’s time to look at the data:

Saturday, July 1:

spin july 1 summary cycling coffee
spin july 1


Monday, July 3:

One thing that immediately pops out at me is the difference the intervals made in my average speed but my cadence remained approximately unchanged. My average power also dramatically improved, by just over 50 watts!

Another thing that stands out about my first ride is that I really didn’t start hitting speed until 3/4s of the way through it. I also didn’t cool down much. My core set was merely eleven minutes long, whereas the second was spread out over 25 minutes. A much longer, tough split up set, it was definitely a deeper burn as I was dripping at the end of seven 2-minute bursts.

Next step, break out a longer set! In Florida I was pulling two hour plus rides. Has anyone else seen major changes going from road to trainer?

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