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We Hit 200!!!

I can’t believe eight days ago, I launched this site with the 100th #CrushItZone post. Today we topped 200, making that just about 12.5 photos posted per day of you all CRUSHING IT! I’m floored, I’m speechless and I honestly can’t thank everyone enough for embracing this tag and incorporating it into their fitness journey. […]

Mastering the ‘Earn It’ Mentality

Years ago I read an interview with a fitness expert where they describe Millennials by their “workout so they can eat pizza” mentality. To be honest, it bugged me. Maybe they were right, or maybe I’m just bugged by any generalization that presupposes the intention of a group, either way it has stuck with me […]

Do I Need to Foam Roll?

foam roller feature

When I first started training consistently, one of the things that caught me off guard was the amount of soreness my body felt each day. Of course it varied depending on activity, intensity, and the amount of actual stretching I did (or didn’t do). And then several injuries set in: shin splints, strained hip flexors, […]

Would I buy the Garmin 735xt again?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about the fitness tracker I use. It’s a Garmin 735xt, and I’ll cut to the chase: it’s pretty freaking awesome! Here’s why: it looks great, it’s accurate and the interface is simple to use but packed with data. It’s also a smart watch, so texts, calls and […]

Back to Back Cycling Sessions

This past holiday weekend I wanted to spend more time at home and to make that possible, I went back-to-back days on the cycle trainer (which I reviewed here). I did two completely different workouts but really want to compare them to each other. To be honest, cycling is one area I’ve been struggling to […]

3 Tips for Adding Distance to Your Swim

lap swim

One of the questions I received recently was from a long distance runner looking to branch out to swimming. While I’m not a spectacular swimmer myself, these are three things that anyone can use to add some distance to their swim sets: Focus on your form: whether that means joining a master’s swim group or […]

Gold Standard 100% Whey [Review]

gold standard protein

One piece of advice I wish I had been given sooner was to “eat more protein.” Twenty years ago, conversations about protein just didn’t happen the way they do today (even Cheerios talks about the grams of protein they have ON THE BOX!). Of course, there are a lot of things that have protein in […]