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Community Spotlight: @SacTriGuy

As this awesome community grows, I’d like to add spotlights on members so that everyone can get to know them better! This first one is perfectly timed because he’s competing in a FULL Ironman this weekend! Davin “SacTriGuy” has been fighting through some nagging injuries en route to this weekend’s race and there’s no doubt […]

I’m in! 2-Mile OWS in August

crum hero

I’ve been so nervous leading up to this morning! You probably noticed the amount of swimming I’ve been doing has been increasing steadily since moving to Los Angeles, and to really set a challenge for myself I signed up for the Dwight Crum Pier-to-Pier Swim, a 2-mile open ocean race from Hermosa Beach to Manhattan […]

How to use the Relive App

A couple weeks ago, I saw @ImInHereSomewhere post up an epic visualization of his run and I had to know more! The app is called “Relive” and it’s available for iOS and Android with support for Strava, Garmin, Polar and Endomondo data feeds. What’s awesome about the app is that it takes your activity, overlays […]

Is Eric Lagerstrom in the Crush It Zone???

I saw this video drop yesterday and from the moment it opens, I thought, “damn, Eric’s got it!” In a piece that captures his “coolest triathlon day with the coolest people” on the longest day of the year, I couldn’t help but wonder: did this badass, professional triathlete accidentally venture into the crushitzone??? You be […]