3 Tips for Adding Distance to Your Swim

lap swim

One of the questions I received recently was from a long distance runner looking to branch out to swimming. While I’m not a spectacular swimmer myself, these are three things that anyone can use to add some distance to their swim sets:

  1. Focus on your form: whether that means joining a master’s swim group or asking the quick swimmer in the lane next to give you some pointers. This will serve two purposes: make you faster and protect against injury.
  2. Ease into it: adding too much distance too fast can drastically increase your chances of injury, particularly in your shoulders and elbows. Pick a starting point and grow from there, focusing smooth, clean laps over choppy hard ones.
  3. Embrace the suck: swimming is completely different than running and for most multisport athletes it’s the one area that people dislike the most. Embrace that! It’s at the start of every triathlon, so getting better at swimming gives you the best chance of seeing clear course in front of you!

If you’re already a strong swimmer, feel free to add your advice in the comments below!

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